A Perfect Idiot to Students Free

by Frank

Today Articoli Liberi was invited to the Intermediate Literacy Math Center, Augusta-GA! I took part to the event via Skype and I had the chance to meet such brillant young minds and learn from them how to be a better writer. “The heart goes,” said one of them while we were talking about the cover, “and the head goes away…” I will always keep in mind.

Our multilingual project is going on, totally self-funded, and thanks to the priceless efforts by Professor Giada Biasetti and Lucinda J. Clark which are presenting our novel through middle and high schools. We keep distributing free of charges, and we are preparing a new book packed with the best short stories in Spanish and English alongside the Spanish translation of 2 chapters from our beloved “Idiot” realized by the students of Augusta University.


Recently, Giada and Lucinda presented our projects to other schools, like Fox Creek High School, in South Carolina.
Stay tuned and help us with your precious word of mouth!

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