El Misterio de Santa Caterina at Fox Creek High School

by Giada Biasetti

Thank you Fox Creek High for inviting me to promote the importance of Literacy and Foreign Language Reading. I was able to present my students’ project (El misterio de Santa Caterina), talk about the importance of reading, learning another language, and translation. I was also able to promote Study Abroad and hopefully recruit students for Augusta University and Augusta University English & Foreign Languages Department. A special thank you to Lucia Moraru and Lucinda J Clark and PRA Publishing for organizing and coordinating this event. I was able to present in 6 Spanish classes and talk to 70 students! Thank you to the great teachers that invited me to their classes and to the wonderful students for participating. What an experience! These pictures and videos include parts of my presentation when I read excerpts of the book in Italian, Spanish, and English. It also includes an interview with me and Ms. Lucia Moraru, a picture with one of the smaller classes, and pictures of me in action distributing free books. Thank you to Articoli Liberi for making this happen.

The original version of Frank Iodice’s novel titled “Un perfetto idiota”; the English translation and our last born “El Misterio de Santa Caterina” which includes the Spanish translation of 2 chapters from “A Perfect Idiot” alongside Augusta students’ short stories
Giada Biasetti with Fox Creek High’s students

Un pensiero riguardo “El Misterio de Santa Caterina at Fox Creek High School