We are glad to announce a new partership with an amazing Italian webradio and magazine: SenzaBarCode, who joined Articoli Liberi and will host us on March 29th in Rome to donate free books and introduce our project to the Italian press.

On March 29th, consider joining us at Flowers & Food Literary Festival, in Rome, where Sheyla Bobba and her team will promote our activity presenting one of our authors and donating books. Find all the information about time and place in the official website: here.

Sheyla Bobba had a chat with Frank yesterday night. You can listen to the entire interview here (it’s in Italian). They talked about AL, about our story, our mission and our projects. Frank explained how everything started, going around French schools with his trunk full of copies of a revolutionary pamphlet, and dreaming to pass down the importance of reading to the new generation. This dream came true thanks to all of the wonderful people who joined us.

And, of course, they talked about nice books!

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