Dear Readers & Friends,
See below the exchange we had a few weeks ago with a passionate, committed artist from Portugal, Cristina Troufa. Cristina is one of those persons who are able to figure out the real meaning of our mission. We were touched by her words and her offer. They worth much more than any further explication.

Cover art for ARRASCIANAPOLI, written by Aldo Amabile, coming out soon

Dear Cristina,
We are contacting you because we run into your art and we were just stucked… Your female characters show pathos, infinity and an unending, incomplete discovery of themselves.
As I mentioned via Instagram, we would like to use one of your works to realize the cover for our upcoming book.
We are a small non-profit organization and we diffuse our books for free to schools and communities where children have difficult access to Culture and Education. That is, we don’t distribute to bookstores and we don’t make any money with this activity. 
We collaborate with other artists but we usually have a small budget for each new issue…
Would you tell me if we can use your painting portraying a woman and a small bird on a red background (with no exclusivity) ? Is it available? And how much would it cost?
(I attach a quick sketch. It’s just a sketch to show you the cover idea. Of course, nobody but you is watching at it. In case we reach an agreement, we would wait for your approval)
Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
frank iodice

Dear Frank, 
It will be my pleasure to take part in this wonderful Project.
You don´t need to pay anything, it´s free because it is for a good cause. But as you say, with no exclusivity.
I send attached a good photo of this painting.
If possible, I would love to have a copy of the book <3, thank you.
Kind Regards,
Cristina Troufa

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