Due to the Public Health Emergency of International Concern, we stay home and we all are worried about the future of small enterprises who cannot afford a long-term inactivity. However, we try to be optimistic and positive, and full of joy for our work. Thus, we plan to publish Cow Brains (nondefinitive title), our new book in English & Spanish edition, in the next few months.

Thank you so much to Augusta University Foreign Languages Department for making this happen.

It will be a funny book, packed with short stories and poems written by three professors from the Creative Writing Program, Anna Harris-Parker, Jim Minick and Spencer Wise, and translated into Spanish by their own students.
Dr. Giada Biasetti supervised the translation work, and we will help out during the last stage, pagination, editing, cover design and so on.

We will distribute free copies to high schools in Georgia and South Carolina; schools in Honduras and Costa Rica; Italian organizations for foster children, like Istituto degli Innocenti, Cure2Children and VoaVoa in Florence.

We will tell you more as soon as we can. In the meahwhile, stay home and stay safe, waiting for a solution to this horrible period in the history of humanity.

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