Today we celebrate the International Children’s Book Day with a new arrival at Articoli Liberi: Izzy the bear cub. She is the protagonist of Uncertain Times: A Story for Kids during a Pandemic, written by Jaime Henle.

Uncertain Times: A Story for Kids during a Pandemic is a children’s book to help kids understand the coronavirus and all the changes that occur as the result of a pandemic.  Children are resilient, and this book helps them with resilience, adaptation, and knowing that their feelings and experiences are valid and normal.

Jaime Henle, PsyD is a clinical psychologist in Augusta, Georgia.  She specializes in trauma and attachment and works generally with children and adolescents.  During this pandemic, she is homeschooling her two young children during the day and completing teletherapy with her clients in the evenings and weekends.

Uncertain Times: A Story for Kids during a Pandemic
Written and illustrated by: Jaime Henle
Translated by: G. Biasetti, F. Iodice
eBook Version
41 pages (coming soon)
Publisher: Articoli Liberi (April 3, 2020)
Language: English, Spanish, Italian
ISBN: 978-2-491229-07-8
(and wherever we will run into young, hungry minds)
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2 thoughts on “Izzy the Bear Cub explains Coronavirus to Children

  1. Bellissimo questo !!! Ma lo sai una cosa ? Mi hanno proposto il posto di bibliotecaria alla scuola 😉 E io ho detto di sì 🙂

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