COW BRAINS, Short Stories and Poems Free to the Young

What determines if something is the ‘worst’ or ‘best’? Appearance and taste predicated by culture and family, memory and story, all determined by love or its absence”.

We are particularly proud to present today these short stories and poems written by Anna Harris-Parker, Jim Minick and Spencer Wise, Creative Writing professors, and translated into Spanish by Augusta University’s English and Foreign Languages’ students: Adrianne Rivera, Payton Gerst, Corin E. Hoell, Sandra Rodriguez, Jessica Bolduc, Karan Soni, Bryson Harrison, Isabel Miller, Zachary Koschene, Maximiliano Lozano, Juan Ayala, Perry Barinowski, Laura Garza, Caitlyn Ferguson, Linda Parilla Genao and Karen García.
Dear all, you did a great job!
Anna Harris Parker’s poems seemed to be easy at a first glance. A few words for a little job, one could say… On the contrary: every single letter keeps an entire universe inside, and you chose the right ones. Poets know how natural and yet how difficult it can be. Now you know that too.
Group two, translating Spencer Wise’s story, had the hardest job it seems, in terms of translation dilemmas. The numerous differences between the linguistic structures of Spanish and English, as well as the translation of humour, were in this work the real challenge. However, you have found an excellent solution for every one of them.
Jim Minick’s group had a chance to deal with a piece of fine literature, beautifully translated. Jim’s prose is warm and works with senses and images, whereas Spencer’s, for example is more cerebral and plays with words and humorism. You had a great opportunity. I hope you will keep this experience in some place inside you, where precious memories are kept jealously.

Written by:Anna Harris-Parker, Jim Minick, Spencer Wise
Translated by: Augusta University English and Foreign Languages’ students
Cover art:© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by ADAGP, Paris 2020
Editing: Giada Biasetti
 52 pages
Publisher: Articoli Liberi (June 2020)
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: 978-2-491229-10-8
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