Alongside many other nice books that we diffuse amid the young, we also publish and promote our own collection. In this page you can find all the details about titles and authors, and you can download our books for free.

Cow Brains by Anna Harris Parker, Jim Minick, Spencer WiseComing out soon…
Uncertain Times by Jaime Henle psyD Free download
El Misterio de Santa Caterina by Various Authors – Free download
Brief Dialogue on Happiness 
by Frank IodiceFree download
A Perfect Idiot 
by Frank Iodice Free download

Senza tempo, Franco Cacciapuoti in arrivo…
ArrasciaNapoli, Aldo Amabile Download gratuito
La scomparsa del ghostwriter,
Aldo AmabileDownload gratuito
Alla ricerca di Sophia,
Fabio De MartiniDownload gratuito
La lettera di Pietro,
Aldo AmabileDownload gratuito
Come bolle di sapone,
Giulia Quaranta ProvenzanoDownload gratuito
Sette petali d’argento,
Davide PollinaDownload gratuito
La mia segreta passione,
Pier Luigi BiasettiDownload gratuito