“A child who doesn’t read is a child who doesn’t dream”. (Anonymous)

Félicia is the co-founder of AL. She works at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill.
“My whole world revolves around books. I am blessed to be able to be surrounded by children every day and to work in a school which values so much the power of imagination. These children are lucky enough to have a huge library for themselves. Despite the technology, a book is still a sacred object for them. But not every child is as lucky as them. And that is our duty to bring the books to them. Because a child who doesn’t read is a child who doesn’t dream. And it cannot happen on our watch”.

Andrea is our bookkeeper.
He deals with numbers and paperworks. He also carries on the communication with professors, authors, librarians, readers, funambulists, and whoever wants to join us.
This quote helps describe him in a few words:
“He was born with the gift of laughter and the feeling that the world was mad…”

Mirtillo is the person in charge of the evaluation and selection of manuscripts. He also takes care of the editing process and pagination, and lends a hand with the book covers. 
We trust his nose for good literature and we would never publish any book without his precious opinion.

Paolo is our literary adviser. He teaches Italian in an elementary school, and he is the author of several books
His blog ilconsigliereletterario turned out to be a landmark for readers and writers from all around the world. Paolo joined us to help Mirtillo with the manuscripts’ selection and he will also suggest nice books to the young.

Luis is our promoter. He teaches English and Spanish, and he takes our books with him during his trips to South America. In this picture, he is with some children in Panama.
Visit Luis at his travel blog: theworldintandem
“I was supposed to work in my family Law business, which I did for a few years. Then I started traveling around the world with my favorite novels in my backpack”.

Angelo is our press officer. Professional journalist, curious and perfectionist, over the last few years Angelo collaborated with numerous national and international venues writing about news, economy, literature and music. He had the chance to interview a lot of people which have left their mark in our culture and modern societies.

Frank is an Italian writer, who also teaches Italian as a second language. He started this adventure going around high schools with his trunk full of copies of a revolutionary pamphlet, and he will never stop. He takes care of our texts in Italian and English.
“I started to give free books to children when I met the poor president Pepe Mujica, in Montevideo. I came to believe that this was my true vocation”.

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